Finally Friday….except I have to work all day tomorrow so kind of like a Thursday for me. We are offering a course through my work that falls on a Saturday from 9-5pm so I will be in class all day tomorrow. It will be good information to have for sure but Saturday? Really? There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than working on a Saturday anyway. Not. (Why can’t ending every sentence with the word ‘not’ be cool again?)

Pretty low key day today. I spent the day getting set up for previously mentioned course so that ate up my entire work day. I also spent the day forgetting to pick up birthday presents! Ooops. My bestie’s birthday party is tomorrow night and with the course tomorrow, I’ve left myself little time to shop, drop and roll. Uh oh. Can anyone swoop in and save the day and give me an ingenious idea on a thoughtful, meaningful gift for one of my favorite girls on the planet? Please?

I got inspired this morning by Amy’s post and came home at lunch to concoct a wonderful panini for lunch. Yumm. I picked up Garlic and Herb Panini bread at Sobeys, filled it up with thai chicken, old cheddar, black olives, tomato, green pepper, red onion, avocado and red pepper hummus and slapped it on the george foreman (who will forever be known on this blog as George). Delicious! Threw a side of delicious Southwest Ranch baked lays on the plate and voila! Deli quality lunch.

And….just to keep you guys guessing and to keep myself dazed and confused…I’m kinda thinking about switching back to blogspot. Where in the hell did I ever get the idea that I was technologically gifted enough to use wordpress?? No way Jose. I just want a pretty blog! With not a lot of work. Am I asking too much? Mine looks cold and sterile and blahhhhh. I’ll keep you posted on that front.

10:36pm on Thriday night and I’m curled up in bed just about to turn the light off. How thrilling is that?


2 Responses to “Thriday….”

  1. Kiddo Says:

    That sounds like a delicious lunch! I’m jealous you live so close to your work that you can easily get home, make a great meal, and then just go back to work.

    Just remember, no one will look back and wish you had a prettier blog. Take a look back through the comments either from here or your old one…your words and your inspiration is what keeps us all coming back for more.

  2. fatinah Says:

    wordpress, blogger – I’ll follow!!

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