How Carolyn got her groove back…

Isn’t it amazing how much better you feel after only a few hits back at the gym? I mean seriously? Why do we always let this one slide (and by we, I mean ME!) To be honest, it’s been about 9 months since I’ve been checking in to the gym religiously. Surprisingly, I haven’t gained much weight but I know I’ve definitely lost some tone and definition. But apart from all the appearance stuff….going to the gym just makes me feel great. I sleep better at night, I have more energy, I feel like I’ve had a productive day. I hope I remember this feeling next time I want to skip out on the gym. I promised myself on Monday I would be in the gym 3 times this week. So far, I have two under my belt and a yoga class at the local Yoga Outlet. Today is a busy one but I am still hoping to skip downstairs (I have no excuse not to go, the gym is literally a 15 second walk from my office door). If not I will definitely go tomorrow at lunch and since I’m pretty free this weekend, I might even go on Saturday morning too.

In other random news….

I bought a cute sweater last night to wear this weekend for my best friend’s birthday. Also, bought my first thick black belt to wear with it. I’m so behind the times but I am trying! (pictures to follow)

I’m bringing L (the new guy) to my best friend’s birthday. I have a bit of anxiety. I haven’t brought a date to a party in…..well ever. A few of my friends have already met him and think he’s great but this is the first “general introduction” to the rest of the gang. Eeek!

I also scored a super warm and comfy down filled puffy jacket this week for 50% off! I love after Christmas sales! and the best part? It’s bright pink! Perfect for the “snow bunny” look I’m going for next weekend when I hit the slopes! Speaking of slopes….I’m so excited! The plan is for us to leave next Friday for Amherst where we’ll be cozying up in this beautiful room before hitting the slopes on Saturday morning in Wentworth:

Isn’t this room amazing? I’ve definitely been sold on the idea of B&B’s rather than sterile old hotel rooms. There is always so much charm and comfort in a B&B. Not to mention the delicious homecooked breaky!

I’m pretty sure this bad boy is going to feel like heaven after a day of falling on my butt on the slopes. I have never even had a pair of skiis on, let alone a snowboard. Any active skiiers or snowboarders wanna take pity on me and give me a few life saving tips?

That’s it for me today kids! I hope you all have a great day!!


5 Responses to “How Carolyn got her groove back…”

  1. Kiddo Says:

    Congratulations on getting back into a fitness routine…or at least the beginning of one. Now that you have started back into it…I’m sure your desire for fitness will keep you motivated to keep on keepin’ on.

    Relax will ya? Enjoy yourself at the birthday party. Any chance this guy starred in a James Bond movie? I think there are a couple of characters with letters for names in there…aren’t there? M and Q? lol

    I look forward to hearing all about your snowboard experience. Stay safe and have a blast!

  2. Sonya Says:

    Awesome work, getting back into the groove! That B&B looks amazing. Have an awesome ski trip.:-)

  3. Christy Says:

    Next weekends looks & sounds like it’s going to be awesome! And it’s amazing what a few trips to the gym will do for your physical & emotion wellbeing 🙂

  4. Lynn Says:

    I’m very envious of your ski get away, sounds like the PERFECT winter weekend! Hope you have a wonderful time and look forward to hearing all about it!

  5. Jen Says:

    I bet your sweat and belt combo is going to look GORGEOUS!!!
    It’s a fabulous look for a girl with a couple of curves, and I seem to recall you had nice hips and a good (lord forgive me) chest (SORRY! I do notice these things!) – anyway, you are going to be QUITE the knockout – more so than usual!!!

    Your ski getaway looks like it will be FABULOUS! And I LOVE the sounds of your “snow bunny” coat!!!

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