The New Chapter?

It’s been an interesting 10 days since I moved into my new place. And by interesting I mean heartbreaking, confusing, frustrating, positive, negative, devastating, enlightening, scary, draining, frightening, and exhausting. But… I’m determined not to let this experience overtake my blog since it’s already overtaken my life. Each morning I tell myself that everything happens for a reason and that eventually I will see that things happen just as they are supposed to. Each choice you make leads you on a path, it might be the right one…it might not, but it’s the path you chose. You can’t live your life afraid of making the wrong choice. Maybe you do make the wrong choice but you learn from it. You hold your head up high and you keep going, because no matter what happens, each choice makes you stronger and in the end…it all works out.

Ok. I’m done. For now.

I will say that my new kitchen (although it’s a little 80’s-esq) is BIG! Which has inspired me over the last few days to whip up a few yummy little numbers which include:

  • Curried Sweet Potato Soup
  • ESBM Naughty Biscotti
  • ESBM Smackeroni and Cheese
  • Yummy Bruschetta
  • Apple Crisp
  • Chili Sweet Potato Fries

I have pics back at the batcave so I will post a few tomorrow. Anyone else loving the idea of having a little day off in the middle of the week? I am! I even set up a date tonight with one of my best friends. We are heading to dinner at a local Japanese restaurant. Mmm Sushi. Angie and Jamie have had me dreaming of yummy sushi with their rave reviews of the best Sushi place in Hali. Hopefully I’ll be raving tomorrow about my sushi experience as well!

I also made a new cheese discovery over the weekend. I was feeling a little wine and cheese-ish so I picked up a bottle of vino and hit the cheese section. Into my basket went Dill Havarti, Extra Old Aged Cheddar, Brie, and quite possibly the best tasting cheese on the planet…..Applewood Smoked Cheddar. Wow. Wow wow wow. I grabbed a baguette, topped a few slices with a little basil pesto, a few with red pepper jelly, toasted in the oven, poured myself a glass of red wine and voila! The most delicious thing I’ve ever put in my mouth.  Mmmmm mmm mm.brewer_Mini_Black

I’ve also discovered a love of this little do-hicky. A gift from a friend  after moving into my new pad. Easy. Quick. Delicious. Just how I like it. I haven’t seen a huge selection of the flavored coffee pods around though so me thinks I might be ordering them online. Anyone else drink their coffee from a pod?

And finally….I’m heading to the land of discounts and shopping on Saturday morning. Moi and two friends are heading to Bangor Maine for a little much-needed shopping love. Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean. Need I say more?



15 Responses to “The New Chapter?”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Yes, we LOVE our coffee maker and the pods. I also use it for quick hot water for tea. We’ve discovered a flavor bonanza with the varieties of coffees available. No more trips to the coffee shop is an added bonus.

  2. Lynn Says:

    I LOVE Applewood Smoked Cheddar. A.MAZ.ING!!

    I’m spending tomorrow in the Kitchen, pulling out the ESBM book thanks to you! 🙂

    Have fun on your trip.

  3. Espressomama Says:

    Love the Keurig. Totally spoiled by it at work!

  4. Shirls Says:

    your back and kicking!! I love an inspriing kitchen and your menu, yum! I did up two esbm on Sunday, and I’m loving the after work nuking vs. cooking thing so far this week. I too can’t wait for a mid-week day off, wooooooo hooooooooooo!!!

    have fun shopping!

  5. Sonya Says:

    Your kitchen delights sound awesome! Love what you’ve been whipping up.

    Big life changes always bring on a whole bunch of anxiety and uncertainty, just remember that it’s all normal what you’re feeling.:-) With each passing day, things will get easier. And you’re right: every single experience – good and bad, impacts us in a positive way. It might take a heap of time to realize that, but it’s true.

    Proud of you!

  6. Lex Says:

    looks like I need to acquire the ESBM cookbooks – I have been uninspired lately!

    I am envious that you are going to Maine to shop! I went in the spring and stocked UP on B&BW products!

  7. Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) Says:

    “…each choice makes you stronger and in the end…it all works out.”

    Damn straight! Everything will be a-ok 🙂

  8. Amy Says:

    I’ve been meaning to get over here to say “YAAAAY you’re back!!”

  9. Christy Says:

    YUMMO! Your menu looks fabulous and has inspired me to dust off my ESBM.

    You’re right when you say “Each morning I tell myself that everything happens for a reason and that eventually I will see that things happen just as they are supposed to.” – it may be a while before you SEE that reason. But it’s there. Just waiting to be discovered. You are a very brave woman and I’m proud of you!

  10. Angie All The Way Says:

    I can only imagine what a roller coaster things must be for you 😦 I am super happy that you’ve re-joined our community and I’m certain that it will help you find your new routine in your new path that absolutely will make sense down the road 😉

    When you come to Hali, we’ll totally check out Daroku (or whatever the heck the name of that place is! 😉 )

  11. farmgirl Says:

    Ah, a States shopping trip! How I miss living close-ish to the border! Hope that you had a great time, and some well deserved fun time, in this little rollercoaster of life!

    I pulled out LS’s and have decided on dinner tomorrow night – thanks for the reminder to pull out the cookbooks! I did make Curried Cauli. soup last week – try poaching a chicken breast, flaking it and adding it for even more of a meal!

  12. Kiddo Says:

    Sorry to hear your first few days in your new life have been so difficult. Regardless of the reason and how right your decision may be, separation is never easy for anyone.

    One of my favourite quotes about how we live….~ We are not here on earth to change our destiny, but to fulfill it. ~ True story. Time will help you get through this, promise. You have such an amazingly positive attitude and inner-drive most people would kill for. Even if it does not feel like it just yet…You are on your way.

    I am looking forward to reading about your new kitchen creations which I am sure you will enjoy in your much bigger kitchen.

  13. JavaChick Says:

    Change is hard and scary and stressful, Sounds like you are keeping a positive attitude though and that will help get you through.

    I love Cheddar (big fan of Balderson) but I wasn’t crazy about the Applewood Smoked Cheddar – too smokey I think. However, I made some black bean burger patties back in the summer, and that cheddar melted on the bean patties with some BBQ sauce made an awesome burger.

  14. kelly Says:

    hey girl! hope you’re doing well!! 🙂

  15. Sha Says:

    Come back! Love your blog.

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