I’m inspired today.

Anything is possible. Everything is possible.

And thank you to Jenn for leading me to Operation Beautiful.

This project is simply….amazing. How often do you look in the mirror and see that freckle that is out of place? The pants they have grown a little tight? The legs that are too big? The hair that is out of place? The teeth that aren’t perfectly straight? The arms that aren’t toned? The nose that is too big? The lips that are too small? That wrinkle that is becoming more noticeable? The wrong hair color? The wrong face shape?

Too often.

So today I look in the mirror and I see……beauty. I see all that I have accomplished. I see a proud, confident woman who is ready for a new life. I see a positive, optimistic attitude and a kind, gentle spirit. I see a woman who loves surprises and even better, loves surprising someone she cares about.  I see a woman who is mature and responsible but knows how to be silly and have fun. I see a woman who would do anything for her family and friends and maybe even the stranger on the street. I see a woman full of compassion and someone who loves with all she has. I see me, and I am beautiful.

What so you see when you look in the mirror?



7 Responses to “Inspired.”

  1. Kiddo Says:

    Wow…listen to you! It is so great to read about how you see yourself…just as those who know you and care about you…see you.

    It is moving to learn how inspired you feel. It is empowering to watch how inspiring you are.

  2. Christy Says:

    I loved reading about you. Like Kiddo said above, it’s very empowering to listen/read how motivated to you and I am loving your attitude.

    You are right, we always focus on what’s wrong, what we need to change that we often forget to praise the good things about ourselves.

    Thank you for posting this. And I LOVE the picture!

  3. fatinah Says:

    I forgot how pretty you are!

    oh, and your post made my cry – thanks for sharing

  4. Jen Says:

    Thank you for posting this Carolyn.

    I find far too many people bash others as well as themselves. It’s important to see our good qualities when we are so used to pointing out the bad.

    It’s nice to see someone focus on the positive! I’m glad that you found Operation Beautiful.

    When I look in the mirror during the day I try to point out something nice about myself. It could be physical (good hair/makeup, nice smile, good outfit) or it could be something mental (good for you for smiling and being nice even though that wasn’t your first instinct, goof for you for putting so and so before you, etc). I find it keeps me positive throughout the day!

    And how beautiful are you???? You are such a gorgeous woman!

  5. Angie All The Way Says:

    Yay for OB!!!! WOOOOT!!!!!!! I know I prolly gushed my excitement already, but I’m SOOO glad you’re back Carolyn!!! Just added your new address to my subscriptions 🙂

    P.S. Methinks you should think about a Hali trip 😉

  6. cat Says:

    Where have you been?? You’ve been SO missed….

    Are you on Twitter? I posted a pic of my make-up trail there yesterday…

  7. Shirls Says:

    I love your picture. I have to say I think “inspiration” is an amazing gift.

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